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Hello Traveller,

welcome to the place where I will show you beautyful locations  all around Azeroth. We may even find secret places you didn’t even know existed. Some may make you wonder, some may want you to go on an exproration yourself to see them with your own eyes. Some places may be special for a reason and some places just will made you shake your head or make you grin.

This section of the blog has two parts:

1- Azeroths Beautyful Places : Here I will show you screenshots of the sometimes stunning landscapes and environments you come across in Azeroths, one or two eastereggs and hidden places you maybe don’t even know existed ingame.

2- The Various Screenshots : Here you will find all the other screenshots that didn’t fit in the first category like funny stuff, fails & wins and everything else I may want to show.


Feel free to look around and have fun!

Greetings Khalî, the travelling rogue


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