My WoW History

My first character, a nightelf druid, in all of her nooby glory. Yes… she is wearing a horrible mix of cloth and leather…

It all started during Wrath of the Lich King times when one of my school friends introduced me to the game. They all had epic level 80 characters and the young me could’nt even decide which class to play. My friends told me I should roll druid, because they are able to do anything and so I did.

I created a Nightelf balance/healer druid on the german server “Teldrassil”, which never made it past level 44, because I had no clue what to do, how to play or level up. Back then I even thought having 10 gold in your bags was a pretty big deal.

My rogue during WOTLK times

Unfortunately soon my friends started quitting WoW and I was somewhat left alone, with nobody on my side to explain the game and its mechanics to me.

At that time I thought “Screw this! I can figure it out alone!” and created my undead rogue Khalî, who was to become my main during the whole WOTLK expansion.

With her I learned almost everything about the game.  I read a lot of guides and  learned how to play, choosing talents, how to rock your skill rotation, getting to know every single dungeon boss by trial and error during heroic runs and was very proud when I made my first thousands of gold.

That’s why I have a special connection to this character until this day.



WoWScrnShot_112211_195016In Cataclysm I finally was so confidend in me and my gaming skills that joined a casual guild and we were able to clear some of the Cata Raids or camped Tol Barad for some  unfortunate Alliance players to pass by. Sadly the guild split up. Some old members even transfered to another realm to found a new, more progress oriented guild there. That was the time when I also began to take breaks form the game.

WoWScrnShot_110412_111604Then in Mists of Pandaria I started to play again. I got back into another Guild for raiding but soon, due to some toxic behavior of some members, I left. I couldn’t stand all the talking behind the backs and constant liying. At that time I was really done with other players and ingame socialising in general. Lucky for me it was around that time Blizzard introduced the “Looking for Raid” tool like we still know today. You could finally see “endcontent” even if you were not in a proper raiding guild. It was as fun as it was frustrating running around in a raid with a bunch of random players, especially as a healer. It was at that time I leveled my dear troll restro/ enhancer shaman, which I still play due to this day in Legion.

On the RP server “Die Aldor” I played as the living, pre Forsaken version of my Khalî

In late MOP I thought I needed a fresh breeze in my gaming and wanted to get in touch with other players again. I made a character on a roleplay server. I love to write little stories, so why not give it a try, I thought. So I created the human living version of my undead rogue. And what should I say? I saw A LOT during my time as a roleplayer: The notorious Pornshire people, the intolerant lore fanatics and all other types of roleplayers. It was an interesting and exciting experience on this server. I also had the fortune to meet some awesome people I spend a lot of time with, some even till this very day.

WoWScrnShot_010515_222617In Warlords of Draenor I starded really enthusiastaic, but later that expansion I got a little burned out of WoW. All those Twinks, the garrison, the pain in the ass grinds for unlocking flying, the whole server community being in a bad mood, the stressing about if you can make enough gold for the gametime token (which were damn cheap back then!, the LFR groups (especially on bosses like the furnace) constantly wiping through the raids… Here and there I quit playing and turned to other games like Elder Scrolls Online or single player games like Witcher 3.

WoWScrnShot_071718_232526I fully returned to WoW after the release of Legion. Since Warlords of Draenor I looked more into healing and until this day my favourite healer is my shaman, with whom I played most of the new Legion Content.

Today during the countdown of Battle for Azeroth I love to level twinks, get gold, collect mounts and pets, farm transmog gear, complete achievements, look for hidden eastereggs or search for secret locations.

I learned to go “back to basics” and don’t stress anymore out about rep farms, time gated stuff, rushing things, ect… I now go a step slower. Taking more time to enjoy the game as a whole again. Nox fixating on gearscores or stuff everyone thinks you “should”  do at all costs and as soon as possible.

I learned to do the stuff I enjoy again and at my own pace.

So here I am as a relaxed and creative gamer, sharing my experiences, thoughts, trashtalk wisdom and misadventures with you 🙂


I am a filthy casual – and I love it! ❤️





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