On this section of the blog I want to offer you a several usefull little tips, small guides about various topics and some gold making strategies that will actually work.

The gold tips will only be about methods which I use personally, too. Keep in mind that I am NOT a profi gold maker, so don’t expect any absurd high numbers or “the ultimate secret” for making gold. I’d rather say I would like to provide you with some SOLID ways to get some extra cash for lowbie and maxlevel characters.

Currently the gold guides are in a work in progress state, due to all the changes and things the pre-patch messed up. I don’t want to provide you with false numbers or methods that will be outdated soon.

The other guides will be about various topics. I write what comes into my mind or if something is asked for. So I am open for suggestions. These section may include tips about leveling, collecting items like mounts or pets, talking about addons or even roleplay.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about a guide.

Hope I could give you some tips and enjoy your read : )

Greetings, Khalî


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