Who am I & why I started this blog


Hello fellow adventurers!

My name is Khalî and i am an undead assasination rogue.  I mostly sneak around the german realms like Blackhand or other servers with twinks.

I consider myself as a filthy casual, although I play since WOTLK, but progress gaming was and will never be my goal. I enjoy leveling, hoarding mounts & pets, the random shit happening in LFR groups as a healer and exploring the world of Azeroth & its lore in general.

So, you might ask yourself “Why does a rogue like that want to start such a website?”

I am right here to answer your question:

My goal is  to create a place where I can share my admiration and love for the amazing world of Azeroth  which Blizzard created in their game World of Warcraft.

I want to show you the beauty of the ingame landscapes and take you to exiting places hidden in the world, which you maybe don’t even know existed.

On this adventure we might take a small dip into the deapth of roleplay while shining in our freshly farmed transmog sets. We might even wear our pink sunglasses of nostalgia from time to time.

I also want to offer one or another useful ingame advice for beginner and/or veteran player, like tips on how I make my gold ect.

At last I want this site to be a place where I can share my personal thoughts and opinions about specific themes regarding the game, which should entertain or even make you start thinking.

Hope you enjoy your read here.

Greetings Khalî


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