Tasty Grilled Mucloc

Happend during leveling a twink through Darkshore.


Hidden Tauren Retreat

Coordinates: Feralas (88/31)

Located at the edge where Feralas and Thousand Needles meet you will find this cozy tauren hideout  on a mountain lake including a snug tent and even a boat. Its remoteness makes it a perfect place for roleplaying. But be aware: Flying is needed to reach this place.

My Transmog showcase


On this part of my blog I want to show you some of my favourite transmogs.

These transmog section will be filled with:

  • My own characters transmogs
  • Other player’s transmogs I found while ingame
  • Class based transmogs
  • Fraction pride transmogs
  • Character transmogs ideal for roleplaying
  • Simple & classic transmogs
  • Transmogs for low level characters
  • Some smexy transmogs
  • Spotlights on interesting transmog items and where to get them

Feel free to contact me, if you have any suggestions or ideas on what transmog you would like to see next : )

The birth of the blog

Hello everyone!

My Name is Khalî and I am an undead rogue, who just started this blog. My goal is to let my creative juices flow right into it and share my thoughts, advice, experiences, (mis-) adventures and more about World of Warcraft with you.

Due to the fact that this side is band new the content for it is still in the making and almost everything here is in a work in progress state. But soon this site will be filled with interesting blogposts, useful advice like small tips for making gold and exiting screenshots where we take a closer look at Azeroth, its beautyful sometimes hidden places and shiny outstandig transmogs.

Want to know more about me? Then I suggest reading about me and my WoW history. Feel free to follow this blog via mail to never miss an upcoming post.

Greetings, Khalî

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