My Hype for BFA

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will launch on 14. August 2019 on the EU servers.

Let me tell you why I am so excited about the new expansion.

First off…. I am done with everything regarding the burning legion. I don’t want to see demons and green stuff all over the world anymore, so I am very happy to see the new Zones and creatures Blizzard created for the new addon. I feels really refreshing. I have to admit I did not play on the PTR because I didn’t want to spoil me. Thankfully  I really did dodge most of spoilers roaming the internet. Don’t wanted to ruin the experience going first time through all the quests and enjoy every single wtf- moment I get 🙂


Oh my god… Trolls! I love trolls! ❤ I mained a troll restro/ enhancer shaman in Legion and I am a little fangirl for them. I did love all the troll stuff in Mists of Pandaria and revamped Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub back then. I am a sucker for troll lore and their rich culture. Did you know, that trolls are even more ancient to Azeroth than nightelves?  I’d love to get in this troll-hype again and explore the zones in which Blizzard hopefully put at least as much detail in as  a legion zones like suramar.

Kul Tiras:

I love how atmospheric Kul Trias looks, especially Drustvar. It gets me a strange mixed feeling of Borean Tundra/ Howling Fjord combined with Duskwood and a little touch of skyrim. Don’t ask me why. And one of its intances even remind me of Karazhan. I am really into spooky lore in warcraft and Drustvar looks reeeeaaaaally promising to me 😉 Also the Kul Tiran druids are a thing I really want to see!

Queen Azshara & N’zoth

I am a fangirl about the whole lore of the war of the ancients, the highborne and queen Azshara in general. Seeing her finally showing up for real in BFA feels really epic to me and I am more than hyped to see what will happen. I assume Azshara will not be happy to see us, because we imprisoned her beloved Sargeras and I am sure she wants revenge in one way or another. And Azshara is most likely one the most powerful magic wielders in all Azeroth… If there will be a whole raid I would cry tears of joy.

The other question is: Will we finally encounter N’zoth? This old god was hiding long enough. Will he be working together with Queen Azshara? Or just use her as a puppet? So many questions! >_<



“The true enemy”

I wonder whats going on lorewise with all the undead and the void. In the comic “Three Sisters”, which you can read here, it is stated by the voices in Allerias head that Sylvanas and probably all of the undead are “the real enemy”. So undeath is the enemy of the void… But what about Calia Menethil who somewhat became a… how should I call it… “lightforged forsaken” and kinda stupidly started the whole war? This is so confusing! D:

imagesAnd what about Bolvar ? This old man sits on the lich king’s throne, therefore is like the king of all  undead, except the forsaken. Doesn’t this make him “the real enemy”, too?

Additionally Bolvar has been a little too quiet for my taste, what do you think? I do not trust  him >: (

Please… Arthas… come back : <

Btw… what the hell is going on at Uthers Tomb?! Please just let this old man  rest in peace. Don’t rise him as a lightforged forsaken as Calia. Just don’t…  ._.

Tell me, what are your top reasons to be hyped for Battle for Azeroth?

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