My BFA Preperation

World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth will launch on 14. August 2018. Are you prepared?

With seemingly only a some days left someone might think about how to prepare for the upcoming expansion. I had the same question as you and now I came up with some things you actually can do to get your toons ready for BFA.

Make Space 

Clear up your character’s bags. You will need these blagslots for all the new stuff you will get in BFA. Don’t forget to clear out your normal and your material bank, too. If you’re in a guild or have your personal guild for trading/ storage reasons make sure to also take a look inside these.

If you’re lacking bagspace you might want to check out this guide for cheap and easy to  obtain bags.

Update your Addons 

With the pre-patch some addons were seriously broken and doesn’t work the way they should. Make sure to update when there’s a newer version available or replace them. I suggest to use Curse or the Twitch App, which is the one I personally use, for doing so.

In the same go you might also think about your interface in general. Does it still fit your needs? Does it still look good to you? If not, now is the perfect time to fix or totally remake and test it.

Make friends

If you want to join a guild for later raiding or find people to enjoy the new content with, then do it now. When BFA has launched everybody rushes into the new content and noone has a lot of time for socialising.

You may also want to take a look into the new community feature Blizzard has added which provides easy access into groups. It doesn’t even matter which realm the players come from. Your character, not your account, can simply join a community with a code you enter into the community window. I think it’s good for everyone who doesn’t want to reveal their battletag to everyone, because sometimes you just want some privacy.

Get to know your class again

The pre-patch also brought some class changes with it and due to the fact that our beloved artefact weapons don’t work anymore everything is messed up. The rotations and spells we once knew are more or less gone. The big item squish did the rest: Almost everyone is at least a little bit confused.

Time to learn your class and spec again! You have better things to do than learning your rotation during the launch of BFA! I suggest reading guides on IcyVeins or WoWHead on how your character wants to be played again.

Choosing your Main 

Ask yourself: What class do you want to play in BFA? Your alltime favourite main character? Maybe switch to a new main? What about tying out a different role? Will you be a damage dealer, a tank or a healer? What is the character you enjoy the most? Got something specific you want to look into? Or even give a class a try that you have never ever played before?

Choosing your character you will first experience a new addon with can be difficult. Especially if you have a lot of twinks. Plan on who you will level first, second… Think about it now, you don’t have to waste time during launch.

For myself I think I start to explore Zandalar with my restro/ enhancer troll shaman, because I would like to play as a healer the next expansion, too. And I am a little fangirl for trolls ; 3

Leveling Twinks

If you plan on playing one or more twinks think about them now. Think about how you would like them to be and what you want to use them for. Maybe your twink will become your new main? Level them now if you want to rocket start with them in the expansion or…

…leave the twink aside till BFA launch. The new quest zones will be full of other players and in the first one or two weeks questing will be a pain in the butt, because everyone needs the same mobs and items as you. Good if you have a backup plan: Leveling your twink through old and less crowded zones.

Farm Reputation

Still not unlocked the rep required for the allied races? Do it now if you want to run through BFA as a Nightborne, Lightforged, Voidelf or Highmountain Tauren. You may also want to farm some rep to get the last paragon reputation rewards from the legion fraktions.

Thing to hoard

  • First thing that I always recommend on hoarding is gold. You will never know what you may want to buy in a new expansion and how costly it may be. *coughbrutosaurmountcough* You can never have enough cash to back your character up.
  • Consider (leftover) pots, flasks and buffoods for the journey to the new max level. It may not be much, but if it helps a little, why not?
  • Goblin Gliders are our best friends in a world where we’re tied to the ground and have to painfully unlock flying again. Lucky demonhunters!
  • Get a water strider mount. It may be helpful in some cases unless you’re a druid.

Think about your professions

BFA will bring some changes how you will level your professions but it does not hurt be prepared and thought about them once. Do you have your desired professions? Do they have the skill you want? Do you want to start only with BFA skill? Which profession will be most lucrative? Which gold making opportunity does a specific profession offer? Will you be the one who crafts the new gear first? Or will you be the farmer, providing every crafter with the highly demanded materials?


Tired of running around in the same old transmog all Legion long? Why not giving your character a total overhaul for a fresh start in the expansion? Now is the time if you want to farm the items you may need for your new look.  I suggest using MogIt to find your new favourite outfit.

Hope this tips might help you to get a smooth start in BFA : )

Feel free to add missing tips in the comments as they might help others, too!


Greetings, Khalî


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