Bags for everyone!

It’s painfull when you’re farming something or just leveling your way up and be constantly out of free bagspace. Here I will show some bags you can easily aqquire as a lowbie and big bags for high level characters which doesn’t cost you much.

Bags for Lowbies:

  • My first tip is to just level through your starting zone, because there are a few quests that reward you with some small 4-6 slot bags.
  • You can also get small 6 slot bags from almost every rare mob you can find  in the starting zones (Elwynn Forest, Trisfal Glades, ect)  like Small Black Pouch
  • When you have your fist few gold coins at your hands I suggest running straight into the auction house. DO NOT go to a bag vendor, the bags they sell aren’t just worth the gold. Go to the auction house and buy the 16 slot Netherweave Bags. They only cost around 9-20 gold depending on your server and are the perfect choice for cheaply upgrading your bagspace. They low cost also make them the best bags for freshly made twinks.

Bags that cost only time:

My personal all time favourite bags are the Hexweave Bags crafted by tailors. They cost around 2.000-3500 gold depending on your server, are simply crafted by tailors and provide hefty 30 slots of bagspace.


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