“Never play on patch day”

It is happening! It’s the 18. july 2018 and the pre-patch for Battle for Azeroth hit the live servers. Read here for Blizzard’s official patch-notes. Finally we will see what will go on lorewise, getting teaserd by brand new storyline quests, get hyped and – oh… 

The servers are lagging, disconnects always happening at the worst times, NPCs doing some weird stuff, new features doesn’t work as intended and almost every addon in your carefully composed custom interface seems to be broken as hell. Yay!

A wise player once said “Never play on patch day” and damn was he right. But did we ever listen to these words of wisdom? Definitely not! On every single patch day we rush to our computers, log into the game full of eager to see the new content and then we always get instantly annoyed by all the little hiccups the game has on these days.

Some things never change. But do we really mind? I personally even make some fun out of it and laugh every time I find a strange bug. Complaining just isn’t worth it. Make the best out of the situation, get yourself a hot cup of coffee or other favourite drink and wait it all out. Everything will be fixed in one or two days anyway.

Personally I just did unimportant and simple things today in Azeroth, like the Argent Trounament daylies to finally get all of the mounts and pets. I was also looking around for some nice screenshot locations I might want to use later for my blog. But still I’m interested on how the patch will finally work out.

Until then, greetings from a relaxed rogue



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